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30 de jul 2018

Dear Mr. Governor Rosselló

Lcda. Marilú Otero

Vicepresidenta Ejecutiva - APPR

The preliminary draft report “Transformation and Innovation in the wake of devastation: An Economic and Disaster Economy Plan for Puerto Rico” recommends the permanent exemption of Puerto Rico form the Jones Act.  

We agree with the report and the other economic studies that state the likes, that exempting Puerto Rico from the Jones Act will decrease the cost of shipping, which will result on lower prices of goods imported to, and manufactured in Puerto Rico. And by lowering the costs, more Puerto Rican owned manufactures would be able to export their product made in Puerto Rico. Reforming the Jones Act, would not only have an immediate boost in Puerto Rico’s economy, but it would also benefit the US Federal Government. If not amended, the Jones Act’s high costs would have a negative impact on all the federal funds for the reconstruction of the island. Simply put, the Jones Act is going to cost more to the federal government and its taxpayers. 

Mr. Governor, we request you to keep recommendation ENC 44. By amending the report and eliminating the recommendation would be a tragedy for our island, our recovery and our future. Only those with their own benefits in mind, disregarding the best interest of Puerto Rico, will win. We need to be united in this front. All efforts directed to exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act not only is a sound action, but is also a moral obligation.